Jul 24, 2015

Flexi Rod Set on Natural Hair

After watching AfricaMiranda and Naptural85's videos on flexi rod sets on natural hair, I knew that I had to try it. I will link the videos below in case you want to check them out for yourself. There are so many great videos on YouTube with so much information on how to make the flexi rod set work best for you! 

Africa Miranda's Flexi Rod video Part I
Africa Miranda's Flexi Rod video Part 2

For my texture of hair, the idea of doing a flexi rod set on completely wet curly hair was not an option for me. I wanted my hair to be stretched so that I wouldn't wake up looking like Annie. So, I blew out my three day old twist out with a blow dryer on the cool air setting. I am really trying to stick to 'no heat summer' so it took a little more patience to blow out my hair on cool. It was totally worth the time that it took. My hair felt so lightweight after blowing it out and it was fully stretched. The only product I applied to blow out my hair was the Moroccanoil Treatment Light

After separating my hair into three sections (two in the front and one in the back), I began applying the flexi rods in different sizes. I would apply the Proclaim Foaming Wrap lotion to each piece of hair as I applied the flexi rod. My tip here is not apply the foaming wrap lotion of your choice until you are ready to work with that piece of hair. My hair reverted back the moment the wrap lotion was applied so it did not benefit me to apply the foaming wrap lotion to an entire section at a time. It takes some time but I guarantee you will be pleased with the results if you apply the product as you are ready to apply the flexi rod. I used different sizes of flexi rods from a set that I purchased on Amazon and I also used end papers on some while not using end papers on others. If I was unable to pull my hair tight enough I used an end paper to help give me a grip. 

The flexi rods dried overnight while I slept peacefully! They are much more comfortable to sleep in than perm rods! Before taking the rods out, I coated my hands lightly with the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I proceeded to take the rods out and separate the curls. Using an oil or serum while separating the curls help to minimize frizz. 

Wearing MAC Heaux lipstick and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5

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