Jul 19, 2015

No Heat Summer Continues

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently fell in love with twisting my hair. Being natural has been such an incredible journey because of the versatility it provides for my hair. I have always worn it straight and to discover my love for twist outs...has taken my love for my natural hair to another level. I feel like this style is constantly evolving for me as I try to improve my twist out skills. 

Since I bought a lot of natural hair products over the years in attempts to try natural hair styles, I have been rotating through them until I find the ideal combination. Enjoy photos of how this style has evolved for me over the past few weeks! 

While I don't know every product combination I've used, I am writing it down going forward until I find the perfect combination that gives me the results I desire. Trust me, its not perfect every single day. And after working out six days a week, some days it just ends up in a bun until I can gather the energy to do it all other again. I re-twisted my hair today so I am currently looking like 'felicia'! Naturals know what I mean! 

Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in American Doll
Wearing MAC lip liner in Soar with MAC lipstick in Brave
And yesterday (7.19.2015)
Wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sweet Talker

I would estimate that my hair has grown just under an inch in most places since I began my "no heat summer". Looking forward to seeing how my twist outs evolve for the remainder of the summer! I don't know that I could even go back straight after summer is over considering how much I've been enjoying this!

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