Jul 15, 2015

Twist Out, NexGen & Running Again

I didn't know where to begin with this post since it has been so very long since I have posted here! But, I figured a start would be step in the right direction. 

Life lately has been a mix of incredible life-changing memories coupled with a busier than could be imagined career. I will begin with my newest adventure - that might I add was long overdue! I finally tried a twist out on my natural hair! I know?!? If you have been following my journey online since it begin in 2011 then you know...wearing my hair natural has always represented this huge awkward 'unknown' for me. Every time I tried over the years, it felt like a failure almost as though I thought the failure into existent. It wasn't until I made the decision to really try and accept whatever the results would be that I truly embraced this journey. It has been nearly 30 days since my hair was straight and I can admit that I haven't missed it at all. Not to mention, it is a lot easier to work out not having to worry about if I will sweat out my hair.

The twist out also provided me a lot of versatility in styling if I sweat out my hair. My go to styles in between twisting my hair again have been a high or low bun. The high bun I have pictured below has been my favorite style to date when I am in between washes. I love the textured, yet polished look.

My other obsession as of late has been running! I am not sure if you remember me talking about how I experienced chaffing while running, which discouraged me from running again since college. Well (crosses fingers & toes), I am past the chaffing! I have overcome. Whereas before I would begin chaffing after running less than 1/4 of a mile, I can make it through 2 miles easily without experiencing any chaffing on my hips or thighs. This is MAJOR! So, I now run three times a week. I am up to 2 miles straight and working on improving my per mile average before I increase to 3 miles.

My last noteworthy obsession other than reading The Shack (which I hope to finish this weekend) has been NexGen nails. I tried NexGen looking for an alternative to gel because I know the chemicals over time can be harmful for your nails. While I hadn't experienced any damage from gel, I did take notice to how dry gel polish made my cuticles if I didn't use cuticle oil. I am NexGen all the way now! I had my second NexGen manicure done last night and even went with a bright coral.

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