Jul 22, 2015

Wish List Items I Just Had to Order

You know how some items stay on your wish list for a while. You want those items but you just keep fighting yourself on whether you want to take the plunge and just GET them! Well, after looking at my wish list yesterday...I just decided to go for it! I haven't really been in the 'shopping' spirit [I know! Totes unsual for me] as of late so it is nice to be excited about picking up some new items! 

So I wanted to share with you the items I picked up, which I am sure these items will make an appearance on my blog or Instagram at one point or another. I dont always wear items as soon as I purchase them so it is likely that I wont wear them until months down the line and chances are they wont be available by that time. 

And some of the items are even for sale...so if they are on your wish list, now is the time to go for it. 

Yes, I have the Kale sweatshirt in Blue but I wear it so much...that I had to pick up the grey one before the sell out in my size. I am actually hoping I ordered the right size because they are oversized and I ordered a medium! I think my other one may be a small! 

Fringe Sandal / Green Lace Romper / Open Toe Dress Sandal / 
Fit & Flare Dress / Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick / 
Kale Sweatshirt in Grey / Burberry Clemence Rain Boot /
  Weekend Travel Bag in Classic Navy / Print Maxi Dress

Is there anything on your wish list that has been for a long time that you picked up recently? I will of course be sharing the items as I wear or use them! 

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