Aug 3, 2015

Hello Monday! A Weekend Recap

Good Morning loves! Happy Monday! I am actually starting this blog post on a Sunday but it is likely to be published on Monday morning! I hope that all of you had an enjoyable weekend because I certainly did. 

Friday, we went out to Perry's Steakhouse in Frisco because it was the last day of the anniversary special! A four-course meal for $44 and it did not disappoint. For my appetizer, I had the crab cake. For my soup or salad, I chose the Caesar salad. For my entree, I had the gazillion pound pork chop that Perry's Steakhouse is known for. I still have some left over in the refrigerator. And I topped it all off with dessert! Cant remember the name of it but it was delicious. This was our first time visiting the Frisco location, as we typically visit the location Uptown. 

On Saturday, I woke up early to attend #NTCDallas with hubby. After that, I rushed home to prepare for brunch/lunch with my girlfriend. We had lunch at Hattie's because I forgot when I made the reservation that they don't do brunch on Saturday. We finished off our lunch date with a visit to Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District. A must try, for sure, if you are located in the DFW area. Finished off Saturday with a cooking class at Central Market where we learned how to cook a few Brazilian dishes and a dessert. The cooking class absolutely blew my mind! My husband is always finding new ways to surprise me and allow us to continue to experience new things together! I was able to take away so much from that class including all of the recipes we made that night. 

Sunday was pretty relaxing! Church followed by a much deserved NexGen manicure and Signature pedicure at my favorite salon in Coppell. Finally found someone that I considered a gem after my previous nail tech relocated to New York City! 

And for a few beginning of the week highlights! I ran two miles this morning in the best per mile time I have had in a while! My goal is to get under 9 minutes in the next two weeks! I may even meet that goal this week. The other highlight is my hair being straightened. The last time my hair was straightened, it was done professionally on June 15th! After going without no heat for over 30 days, I knew I wanted to straighten my hair so I could trim the ends. Now that I've had a good trim, I am going to wear my hair straight until it runs its course and then back to CURLY I WILL GO! I usually will trim my hair every 30 days myself and get a more professional trim every 8 weeks or so. I will likely not get a professional trim completed until my birthday month - October! 

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