Aug 23, 2015

Utah, Birthday Behavior & More

Long time, no posting. It has been a whirlwind nearly two weeks. I went to Park City, Utah for work. I literally arrived back in town at nearly 8 pm on a Friday and changed clothes quickly to make a late dinner date with babe at Pappa Bros Steakhouse [our favorite steakhouse in Dallas]. The next day I woke up early because there was no way I was missing Nike Training Club. After NTC, I rushed to rod set my hair for my best friend's 31st birthday celebration. After going a million miles per hour, my body and skin said it needed some recovery. So this week, I focused on resting, working out and listening to my body. Babe & I even did two spontaneous date nights during the week. On Tuesday, we went out to dinner at Mi Cocina and then went to see Straight Outta Compton. On Thursday, we went to dinner at Mi Dia from Scratch and then came home to watch one of our favorite shows on DVR - Seven Year Switch. Then Friday came and we had our usual date night. I went to bed earlier than usual on Friday to make sure I was well rested for NTC on Saturday morning. And I guess resting paid off because I won MVP at NTC! I've been going consistently for two months and it really has changed my workout routine for the better. It was so rewarding to win MVP because I felt like I was being rewarded for doing something I love. 

Now, please enjoy the picture overload that is coming below! 

View from the funicular ride up to the St. Regis Deer Valley

The view from dinner at the St. Regis Deer Valley! Talk about incredible views all around!

I love Park City! Fourth time there for work in 12 months! I have officially experienced all seasons.

Running in Park City at the higher altitude was difficult but I accomplished my goal! I wanted to run at least a matter how difficult it was to breathe. 

Flying over the Southwest corner of Colorado

Straight off the airplane and changed for date night. 

A lot of people have asked how I preserve my curls at night and while working out! Lucky for you, its super easy. I do a pineapple with a silk scarf. My hair isn't quite long enough to do a pineapple with a scrunchie so this works best for my length. 

Fresh curls for my bestie's birthday celebration

I love all things lace! This dress was a HIT! And at less than $50, I feel incredibly lucky to have it in my wardrobe! Yes, I love spending money on quality items. However, who doesn't like a bargain...especially when it doesn't look like a bargain. The Heiress dress is from Fashion Nova and can be found here.

Chill attire for brunch on Sunday with my girlfriend who is relocating to Austin! 

Before NTC on Saturday, before even expecting to win MVP

And the aftermath! Almost 600 calories burned! I gave it my ALL!

Today, I am resting up and preparing for Arizona! I leave in T-1 days and I will be gone from my hubby until Thursday! I plan to continue makeup-free until my skin recovers from all the traveling. However, I did get some makeup brush laundry done today for when I am ready to get dolled up again! 

THANKFUL FOR EACH OF YOU!! Hope that you have an awesome week! 

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