Dec 19, 2015

Sweater Weather, Maca Root and Soba Ice Cream

Hey there beautiful girls!  Back with a new blog post to share some of my favorites and something new that I tried at date night last night. Although I wish I could post more frequently here on this platform, I am thankful for the opportunity to stay connected with you all on Twitter and Instagram - as I am able to. I will continue to post on this platform as my schedule allows so that I am able to stay connected to those who do not prefer social media. Not to mention, I think my blog is a great platform to share some of my favorite things and a recap of the past couple weeks. 

First up...

This was the first week that is has been cold enough to wear sweaters so I had to bring out this Irish Cream sweater dress from Ann Taylor. I personally find it rewarding to be able to see the results of my active lifestyle in how my clothes fit and contour to my body. I paired my sweater dress with some black knee high boots and black leggings (both, not pictured).

Next up is the Maca Root supplements that I have been enjoying. There are so many health benefits to taking Maca Root supplements daily. I mainly take the Maca Root supplements for the natural source of energy. Waking up 5 days a week at 4:45 am to workut, working an 8-10 hour day and sometimes traveling in between can be exhausting to say the least. Having two cups of caffeine a day was in my opinion a little much for my body. Ideally, I like to only have one cup of coffee or tea a day. 

I have been wanting to purchase a GLAMbox for years and it never was a priority for me until my makeup collection started shrinking. As you can probably tell from many of the photos that I post, my makeup routine is fairly simple. I do not change products often and the only new products that I tend to gravitate towards are lip colors. Rather than continue to store my makeup in the Ikea Alex 9-drawer system, I invested in a GLAMbox GLAMluxe makeup box with partial lid. So far, I am in love with this makeup box! Its perfect to store the products that I use in my everyday makeup routine with a few extras. Most of my palettes are still being stored in my Alex drawers since I only use them on special occasions. 

On last Saturday, we celebrated my mother-in-love's birthday a couple weeks later as her birthday was the Monday after Thanksgiving. Between her schedule and ours, I am so happy that we were able to get together with a few of her friends to celebrate her special day. We celebrated at Ruth's Chris Steak House in Dallas and because of the early reservation time, it felt like we had the restaurant to ourselves for the early part of our dining experience. 

Selfies from here, there and everywhere. I must share that my hair has been growing a lot now that my routine has completely changed for about the past 8 months. I find that it gives me so much versatility with styling and I have been enjoying that. Although I go through phases where I want to cut my hair because it is high maintenance...all it takes is a few good hair days to get me back on track. 

Lastly, for date night yesterday, we enjoyed Japanese food, drinks and dessert at Tei-An in the Arts District in Dallas. The highlight of our meal besides the pressed smoked salmon and Japanese Old Fashioned was the Soba Ice Cream with black honey and topped with soybean powder. It was the perfect light treat to end a great dining experience at Tei-An. Babe & I have already agreed that we will be back very soon. It is on the expensive side but its so worth it! 

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