Jul 29, 2016

Na Pali Coast

Hey there beautiful girls! I wanted to share just a few photos with you from our 2-mile hike to Hanakapi‘ai Beach on the Kalalau Trail. The Kalalau Trail is an 11-mile trail (22-miles roundtrip) located on the Na Pali Coast on the North Shore of the island of Kauai. The day we hiked will forever be unforgettable. It started storming upon our arrival at Hanakapi‘ai Beach so we took shelter inside of a cave waiting for the storm to pass. It didn't ever fully pass, it only let up enough for us to take the muddy hike back to the start of the trail. We finished our 4-mile roundtrip hike only to realize the trail had been closed since we left on our journey due to severe weather. I thank God for covering us because we had no cell service. Thus, it would have been impossible for family to contact us had something went wrong. 

I include some images while the weather was still beautiful and very sunny. While, the others from the beach paint a different picture. I actually do not think the photos truly capture the severity of the storm at Hanakapi‘ai Beach. We were prepared with snacks and water. We used that time to rehydrate and nourish our bodies for the hike back.


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