Oct 9, 2017

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself...My Labor & Delivery Story

I am most certainly a stranger now when it comes to blogging. The last time I sat before this computer screen writing a blog post was last summer (July 2016) after our family vacation to Kauai.  I wanted to revisit my blog to share my Labor & Delivery story because it was such an incredible moment in my life. It is a day that I will never forget and I have been asked quite a bit about my story. I was hesitant to because people can be very judgmental online; however, it is my story and I own my story entirely.

So, here is what everyone wants to know... 

On Sunday, September 17, 2017 (at 39w2d), I lost my mucus plug during the early morning. Didn't think anything of it other than to know labor was likely imminent at this point. I contacted the on call doctor - which just so happened to be my doctor - and she advised me to remain at home as I wasn't experiencing contractions during this time. After I lost my mucus plug, I started wearing a sanitary napkin so that I could monitor any additional fluid. 

A couple hours later, I begin noticing fluid and starting have mild to moderate contractions. At this time, I also realized that I hadn't felt baby girl's movements as intense as the evening before. After a quick call to the doctor again, I knew that I had more time because the contractions weren't consistent. Hubby & I went to lunch with family at Fish City Grill so I could eat one last time just in case. I felt baby girl moving during lunch but the contractions were getting stronger. After contacting the doctor, they advised that I come in to monitor baby and also to test the fluid to ensure it wasn't amniotic fluid.

The bags and car were already packed as they had been for weeks prior. After lunch, we headed to the hospital. They set me up on the monitors and I got settled in before the nurse comes to let me know they would be running a test on the fluid. Within minutes, the test returned a result that the fluid was in fact my amniotic fluid and we all celebrated as the nurse said you are having this baby. They admitted me at this time and I waited for my doctor to come to check me. Baby girl was doing great! Her heartbeat was on average 130. The doctor arrived. I had just seen my doctor on Friday and my cervix had not dilated but I was 60% effaced. She checks me and to my surprise, my cervix was still closed but had softened a bit more. She let me know that my water had ruptured and at this point the safest course of action was to begin augmenting labor to see how my body would progress. After discussing various options, I decided around 5 pm on the 12-hour option of Cervidil. Cervidil was explained to me as a wafer like insert that could be used to dilate my cervix. This seemed like the safest option because it could be easily removed if things progressed rapidly or we determined it wasn't working. Moments later, the Cervidil was inserted and the journey to birthing my sweet Ava began.

I labored for the rest of the evening and the contractions grew stronger. After the shift change, the night nurse came to introduce herself. I did not know at the time she would literally be an angel when I began to experience the most difficult parts of labor in the overnight hours. Over the course of the night, labor would get intense. I would be given Stadol to help ease the pain, Phenergan to combat any nausea and vomiting as a result of taking Stadol. Eventually the nurse opted to give me Ambien so I could get some sleep.

I woke up at 5 am, the doctor had arrived to check my cervix. Turns out when you water is ruptured, they limit the amount of times they check your cervix to reduce the risk of infection to baby. She checks my cervix and I'm at 6 cm!!!! The Cervidil did exactly what it was intended for. I remember feeling like I could cry because I was almost there. The pain was intensifying and I was exhausted by this point, so I decided to get the epidural knowing there was no way I could get to 10 cm with my current level of pain and push safely thereby reducing my risk of a c-section.

Once the epidural was in, I went back to sleep and bid farewell to my doctor who was scheduled to end her shift at 7 am. I asked her who would relieve her before she left and it turned out it was the OBGYN I had been going to since I moved to Dallas. I had no idea our paths would cross again so soon after deciding I wanted a particular OB for my prenatal care. God works in mysterious ways.

Around 9:15 am, the doctor comes in to check me again and it's a familiar face. She smiled in disbelief because she couldn't believe she would end up delivering our sweet Ava. The last appointment I had with her in October, I let her know we would begin trying the following month and that I may change doctors for prenatal care to be closer to the hospital. Dr. S checks me and she says the baby's head is right there. I'm completely delirious by this point because of the combined effects of the Stadol, Phenergan, IV, Ambien and the Epidural. I felt like I was on another planet as my doctor said, you're ready to push! The next few minutes were a blur as nurses and scrub techs arrived. And just that fast my sweet Ava was born at 10:28 am on September 18, 2017 weighing 7 lbs 0 ounces measuring 20.5 inches. I was supported by my incredible husband, my amazing mother-in-law (an experienced labor & delivery nurse for 30 years) and a wonderful doctor along with a team of nurses & a scrub tech.

This is why I didn't have a birth plan. God's plan was perfect. 💛

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